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If you are here on purpose then thank you and welcome. If you just stumbled by, feel free to stay and poke around. You might like to take a look at the kind of books I'm writing and why. The answers are 'crime' and 'for money', but that's not the whole story. 

'Crime' is a loose word in a tight niche. Crime is really the story of how lives are changed by the misdeeds of others. From the pensioner who loses her savings in a stock-market crash, to the refugee, to the mugging victim. Life is a river and crime is the rocks. It's only when we hit a rock that we find out whether we are one of life's swimmers - or one of life's sinkers. It's that struggle for survival and recovery that interests me - the rock itself is almost incidental.

So I write crime, but really I just write people.

Why not enter my world and hit those rocks with me?

I hope that you’re a swimmer…


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